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Laurel Creek Trailhead GRAND OPENING was Friday October 24th.  

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MAY 10th!:

Mike Taylor, teacher @ MC Elementary is taking some students (as he has done in past years) out to walk the LCT.  I think this is some kind of reward for performance.  Anyway, it is scheduled on date noted above early in the day (meeting about 8:45 am @ trailhead) and Mike has asked Howard to do his bird discussion.  We offered to do a Leave No Trace presentation also and Mike said yes.  They will hike on their own with chaperones.  The presentations will occur around the Trailhead area.  If you are interested and willing to participate in the LNT discussion/presentation, let me know.  There are lots of ideas online that can make this interactive and interesting for them.  Check out teaching resources and videos @ www.lnt.org.  We would need to meet in advance to organize. Smaller groups will work better for this.  This all about developing a sense of stewardship for the land with the next generation.  Thanks in advance for your response!